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October 17th, 2017 by

School supplies, books and binders, new clothes, oh my! It’s nearly time to head back to school and our families have been doing lots of preparation in anticipation of the first day. This can be a busy and sometimes overwhelming period. One task that can sometimes be overlooked is organizing your car.

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Whether you’re preparing for the carpool or helping your student driver, here’s our best car organization tips:

  1. Declutter your car by eliminating the current mess. Go through all the nooks and crannies and take out the trash! Have two bags to separate trash from items you want to keep.
  2. Deep clean the car. Pay attention to heavily trafficked areas like the floor carpets, seats, consoles and cupholders.

  3. The best opportunity to deep clean and remove any stains, dust or dirt from the carpets, seats and dashboard is when the car is empty.
  4. Prevent trash from continuing to pile around by keeping a small trash bin in your car. Be sure to empty it regularly. We like to empty ours every time we are filling up at the gas station.
  5. Organize the important papers in your glovebox. An expandable file organizer sorts papers like your registration, insurance, emergency numbers, receipts, contacts as well as medical information.
  6. Create a storage center for smaller random items using shower caddies or hanging a backpack behind the front seats. This also can create an entertainment hub with books and toys for children.

By taking the time to utilize these car organization tips, you’ll be better prepared to take on the new school year!

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